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Her Favorite Color was Green

(Copyright 2001 by David M. Bailey,

Her favorite color was green, that's about all I know.
Except she knew the Lord loved her- her Bible told her so.

She swam in an ocean of laughter; she danced in a desert of grace.
The way she loved those around her was written all over her face.

I was there the morning she left us.  I heard every tear that was shed.
I wanted to ask God the reason, but I asked him what now instead.

What now God would you have us say?  What now God would you have us do?
Wasn't it clear that she was faithful?  Wasn't that enough for you?

God said, how could you ask such a question?  Surely the answer is clear.
Do I have to paint you a picture?  Isn't it enough that I am here?

I said, God that's not what I meant, but she was just too young to die.
God said, I know what you mean - remember I watched my son cry.

I said yes, but at least your boy is with you.  God said, right and now so is she.
I set her a place at my table and man, you should see that girl eat.

In fact, I wish you could see her smiling and then you'd know she feels right at home.
She's been telling the angels about you just so you wouldn't feel alone.

Her favorite color was green, that's my favorite too.
She's already sliding down rainbows, right between yellow and blue.

In Loving Memory of Kimberly Anne Gillary ~ August 21, 1984 - April 3, 2000
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